Hey! That's My Fish!

The aim of this game is to use your penguins to gather as many fish as possible.

Penguins must move in a straight line, through any number of hexes, but must stop at holes and other penguins. When a penguin leaves a hex, it gets all the fish on that hex and the hex disappears, leaving a hole.

See full instructions for details on how to play.

About this game


This is an unofficial online multiplayer version of the board game "Hey! That's My Fish!", which was created by Alvydas Jakeliunas and G√ľnter Cornett and is published by Phalanx Games b.v. This version is not associated with Phalanx Games.

You can read about Phalanx's other games on their website.

If you enjoy playing this game online, we suggest you buy a real copy to play with your real-life friends.